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The Offical Website Of Just Ultra Bikes

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Electric Off-Road Bikes

JUB off-road eBikes sometimes referred to as electric mountain bikes were designed for both novice and experienced trail/mountain riders. Our pedal assisted electric bikes are designed to help you to go farther than you thought was possible, combining electric power with your own peddling power.  Comfort and durability give you the best possible riding experience.

Built with only the highest quality components, JUB off-road eBikes come with high-impact alloy aluminium frames that give you confidence. Shimano cassettes and gear leavers make easy work of shifting over any terrain. LG Lithium-ion batteries give you the power you need on big uphills where assistance is most needed.  Accessories come as standard on such as a trip meter, electric hooter and LED front headlights. Explore the beautiful landscape of South Africa like never before.